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Key Features Of Our Manufacturing Facility


We believe that every product we make must be of the highest standards. Hence, we use fully automated CNC Machinery imported from Germany by collaborating with HOMAG Group which is a pioneer in wood processing solutions around the world.

Factory Staff & Support

We have highly motivated and talented manpower (Interior designers, Production department & skilled craftsman) who thrives in ensuring your ideas and dreams comes into reality. These designs are precise, flawless measurements, resulting in minimal waste and being environmentally benign. We also have highly competent craftsman that are highly experienced when it comes to installing the ready to assemble furniture at your project site with the highest cleanliness and finsihing.

Production Capacity

400 finished sheets (8X4) per day 125,000 finished sheets (8X4) annually


Being in a Modular Furniture business means two things . when it comes to the materials and production techniques we employ, as well as the energy and emissions they create, We hold ourselves to the highest standards. Second, we do all possible to give our clients with furnishings that enable them to live in a sustainable manner.

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Modular Furniture for hotels
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With our designs, technology & expertise, We add happiness in your hat
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